en.akillitelefon.com aims to protect your privacy and enable you to use the technological infrastructure at the highest level; have adopted various privacy guidelines for your personal information and data security. Within the scope of this privacy policy, en.akillitelefon.com website is determined and declared to be applied in the collection and / or usage of data in all sub internet sites.

By visiting and / or using and / or signing up to the website en.akillitelefon.com all these principles are deemed accepted by the user.

In the “Privacy Statement” section, in accordance with the feedback to be made with one of the contact addresses specified on the acillitelefon.com page, at any time without notice. en.akillitelefon.com may periodically update the “Privacy Statement” section and the user may be informed of new developments by visiting this section periodically.

en.akillitelefon.com will not disclose any personal information or data transmitted by electronic means to visitors via the en.akillitelefon.com website or by third parties to the third party.

en.akillitelefon.com may cooperate in various ways with many third party institutions and organizations in order to make effective use of the services and services they offer. This cooperation can be through advertising, sponsorship, permitting marketing, data sharing and other legal commercial methods.

en.akillitelefon.com declares and undertakes to provide means to allow communication / marketing as permitted by law in its communication activities, to not communicate outside the user’s request, to allow the user to leave the system freely and easily.

en.akillitelefon.com will not share, disclose, or permit the use of any personal information and information communicated to en.akillitelefon.com to any third party except for the purposes set out above.

In order to identify problems with the system on the site and to resolve any possible problems that may arise on the site of en.akillitelefon.com, en.akillitelefon.com may register the IP addresses of users when necessary and may use those records for these purposes. These IP addresses can be used by en.akillitelefon.com to collectively define users and wikis and collect demographic data in a comprehensive way. The traffic data storage obligations of en.akillitelefon.com site specified in the number 5651 are also reserved.

To register for membership at en.akillitelefon.com, a number of personal information (name, surname, phone number, mailing address, e-mail address, etc.) will be asked in order to receive membership or to use various services and contents without membership. This information that en.akillitelefon.com can request during registration can be kept on the system. This personal information can also be used to communicate with users when necessary.

The information that can be requested by en.akillitelefon.com transmitted by the user, or the related information that is set forth in the transactions carried out through the site is only evaluated by en.akillitelefon.com and other persons and institutions in cooperation with the user without any identification, such as database creation efforts and market research.

en.akillitelefon.com may provide links to other sites within the site. It may publish advertisements of third parties for which it has agreements and / or application forms for various services. Through these forms and advertisements, users may be redirected to the advertiser or to the site of the agreed third parties. en.akillitelefon.com assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the privacy practices and policies of other sites accessed through this link or for the content they contain.

Personal information belonging to the user are name and surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any other information for identifying the user. en.akillitelefon.com will not disclose any personal information to companies and third parties to whom en.akillitelefon.com does not cooperate unless otherwise stated in this privacy statement.

en.akillitelefon.com may disclose the information of the users to the third parties out of the provisions of this confidentiality notice in the following cases. These situations are;

• The law, the Decree Law, the Regulation, etc. in cases where it is necessary to comply with the obligations imposed by the legal rules issued by the competent legal authorities and in force,

• In cases where the requirements of the agreements between en.akillitelefon.com users and their applications are concerned,

• Where information is requested by the competent administrative and / or judicial authorities concerning the users in the direction of a research or investigation carried out in accordance with the procedural method,

• Where information is required to protect users’ rights or security.

en.akillitelefon.com requires you to keep the confidential information strictly private and confidential to you, to accept it as an obligation to keep it as a secret and to maintain and maintain your confidentiality, to ensure that all or any part of the confidential information is entered into the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party to take all the precautions and to fully demonstrate the full extent of the suffering.

en.akillitelefon.com users and information about the use of en.akillitelefon.com site by users, can be obtained using cookies, a technical communication file. The technical communication files that are quoted are made up of tiny text files that a website sent to the user’s browser to be stored in main memory. The technical communication file facilitates the use of the internet by storing the relevant status and simple preference settings of a user’s computer on a web site. This technical communication file contains information about how many people use the website in temporal proportions, how many times they visit, how long they stay, and how to generate ads and content with dynamic variety from user pages specifically designed for users. The technical communication file is not designed to receive any other personal information from the main memory. Most of the browsers are designed to accept this technical communication file during installation, but users can always change the settings of the browsers so that they are not placed in the computers of the technical communication file or warned when such a file is sent.

Information that can be requested from users who respond to periodic or non-periodical questionnaires that can be arranged by en.akillitelefon.com on the site can also be used by en.akillitelefon.com and cooperating persons or institutions to conduct direct marketing, statistical analysis and create a special database with this user.

en.akillitelefon.com may change the terms of this privacy statement if and when it is deemed necessary, on the site of en.akillitelefon.com.

The provisions of the privacy notice amended by en.akillitelefon.com shall be deemed to have entered into force on the date of publication on the relevant page.