en.akillitelefon.com respects the justice and legal rights of the company, its business partners and third parties as well as respects the law.

“Content provider” as defined in the Law on the Arrangement of Publications Made on the Internet and Fighting the Crimes Processed Through These Publications, with respect to the content that en.akillitelefon.com members and their users make up; and as a “content provider” with regards to content produced by them.

en.akillitelefon.com has no obligation to check whether the users and the content created by its members are unlawful. en.akillitelefon.com has adopted the “NOTICE and REMOVE” method for content that is contrary to the law and content that is thought to be infringed by the rights of third parties.

Some or all of the content in en.akillitelefon.com may not be used by real or legal persons, neighbors or affiliated entities or professional associations who claim that they infringe on personal or intellectual and industrial rights,

● The URL address of the infringing content and the content of the infringing subject,

● If the real person is a person who shows his / her identity,

● If the legal person is a room registration document, if the person is a professional association,

● If the authority to act with proxy is used,

● A document showing that claims for industrial and industrial rights are entitled,

● Open name / title and open contact addresses,

they may notify en.akillitelefon.com’s email address akillitelefon@akillitelefon.com. Claims and complaints arriving at this electronic communication address will be examined by the legal service and, if deemed necessary, the content subject to infringement will be removed from the system of en.akillitelefon.com as soon as possible and the relevant information will be given.