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    Differences Between POLED and AMOLED Displays

    New generation devices such as LG V30 or Pixel 2 XL is using a new and special type of display named POLED. This is also called “plastic OLED” and very similar to AMOLED displays produced by Samsung. POLED and AMOLED Displays Both technologies are basically OLED, which means vivid colors and incredibly high contrast ratios. […] More

  • Best Budget AirPods Alternatives

    Best Budget AirPods Alternatives

    Best Budget AirPods Alternatives Idea of removing the 3.5mm headphone jack and forcing users to buy rather expensive AirPods headphones caused excessive reactions around the iPhone users. Although there is a 3.5mm to lightning converter inside the box, AirPods is the only way to listen to music while charging your phone. In reality, the sound quality […] More

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    5 Facts About Kids and Coding

    There are many myths about teaching kids to code and we will discuss if not refute the most common ones just for the sake of clarity. In the future, coding will be a prerequisite skill for many different jobs as today all jobs increasingly make use of technology. So it will be our duty to […] More