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  • You Can Use AirPods Box as iPhone X Stand

    Use AirPods Box as iPhone X Stand Apple’s wireless headphones AirPods had received much criticism in the early days, but over time, the users loved them and the product has reached a massive audience. The stylish box of this tiny earphone introduced with the iPhone 7 turned out to be a stand for the iPhone […] More

  • How to Fix Micro SD Card

    Fix MicroSD Card MicroSD creates a separate storage area other than the device’s internal storage once installed on a smartphone. You can transfer photos in your gallery, videos or applications on your smartphone to this unit to save some storage space. But what happens when your MicroSD stops working? Do you lose all your data […] More

  • iOS: Find Your Missing AirPods Using Your iPhone

    Find Your Missing AirPods Apple’s next-generation wireless headphones are known as AirPods and are offered at a relatively higher price. People who bought the headphones are afraid of losing them easily due to its “outstanding design”. If you cannot find the location of your AirPods headphones, you can get help from your iPhone. Find My […] More

  • How to Disable Siri on Apple TV

    [dropcap type=”3″]S[/dropcap]iri is working great on all Apple devices so far and Apple TV is just one of them. You can simply ask Siri anything to find it for you such as movies, musics, applications etc. Siri can search services like Netflix, HBO, and Showtime for movies and TV shows you want to watch. It’s […] More