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    How to Connect iPhone X to TV

    Connect iPhone X to TV The appearance and usage patterns of smartphones evolve and change over the years. Smartphones today can function beyond simple phone calls and messaging. Manufacturers like Apple always want them to have the ability to do more things together. Fortunately, this is the case with iPhone X. By following the steps […] More

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    How to Fix MicroSD Card

    Fix MicroSD Card MicroSD creates a separate storage area other than the device’s internal storage once installed on a smartphone. You can transfer photos in your gallery, videos or applications on your smartphone to this unit to save some storage space. But what happens when your MicroSD stops working? Do you lose all your data […] More

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    How to Run Android Apps on Mac Computer

    Run Android Apps on Mac There are various of applications to run Android apps on Mac computer. We prefer BlueStacks and it runs Instagram, Plants vs. Zombies or other popular applications without an issue. Download BlueStacks App Player from official website. Double click DMG file and complete the installation. Press the Continue button. Enter your […] More