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  • Fix Wi-Fi Connection on iPhone X
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    How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection on iPhone X

    Fix Wi-Fi Connection on iPhone X There are many reasons for this. This could be related to firmware, Wi-Fi Assist or just the general settings on your smartphone. First, you need to make sure that the network is working great. Try to connect to the same Wi-Fi with another device. Let’s find out how to […] More

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    How to Connect iPhone X to TV

    Connect iPhone X to TV The appearance and usage patterns of smartphones evolve and change over the years. Smartphones today can function beyond simple phone calls and messaging. Manufacturers like Apple always want them to have the ability to do more things together. Fortunately, this is the case with iPhone X. By following the steps […] More

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    How to Activate Accessibility on iPhone X

    Activate Accessibility on iPhone X The accessibility feature which first appeared on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with iOS 8, allows users to reach to the top of their screen easier than ever before. To activate this feature, we previously had to touch the home screen button twice. However, there is no more home screen […] More

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    Things You Can Do With iPhone X Power Button

    iPhone X Power Button The home screen button is removed in Apple’s tenth year’s exclusive iPhone X. That’s why the users have to control the screen with new and different shortcuts unlike before. Face ID replaced the place of fingerprint reader but what happened to the previous shortcuts used by pressing either the home screen […] More

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    How to Transfer Music From PC to iPhone X

    Transfer Music From PC to iPhone X You can use WinX MediaTrans software to transfer music from PC to iPhone X. Since iTunes is still complicated for many, WinX is actually a great choice that fixes this problem. Steps WinX MediaTrans has a simple but practical interface and unlike iTunes, it is pretty easy to […] More

  • Block Someone on iPhone X
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    How to Block Someone on iPhone X

    Block Someone on iPhone X With the widespread adoption of smartphones many users have begun need of applications to prevent spam and unwanted calls. You may be disturbed by calls during a day when you are working or when you just want to rest. So, how do you exactly block someone on iPhone X? Steps […] More

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    You Can Use AirPods Box as iPhone X Stand

    Use AirPods Box as iPhone X Stand Apple’s wireless headphones AirPods had received much criticism in the early days, but over time, the users loved them and the product has reached a massive audience. The stylish box of this tiny earphone introduced with the iPhone 7 turned out to be a stand for the iPhone […] More

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    How to Fix iPhone X Screen Doesn’t Rotate

    Fix iPhone X Screen Doesn’t Rotate Smartphones today have the ability to perform many operations at the same time. There is almost unlimited usage scenarios for smartphones. The number of people with smartphones all over the world expressed in billions now. Everyone’s ideal model and usage patterns are different. That’s why these devices always have […] More

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    How to Change Hotspot Password on iOS

    Hotspot Password on iOS Hotspot access point allows iPhone users to share their mobile network with other devices and computers. Of course this network is protected by a password and you can change it anytime. So, how to change hotspot password on iOS? Steps Hotspot password is set automatically before you change it. However, they […] More

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    How to Fix MicroSD Card

    Fix MicroSD Card MicroSD creates a separate storage area other than the device’s internal storage once installed on a smartphone. You can transfer photos in your gallery, videos or applications on your smartphone to this unit to save some storage space. But what happens when your MicroSD stops working? Do you lose all your data […] More

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    How to Hide Website Images on iOS to Save Data

    Hide Website Images on iOS When you have a slow connection or your remaining mobile data is low, you can try to hide images while browsing to web and save some significant data. iOS offers data limitation option for each app but that’s not exactly fixing the issue. There is Mozilla Firefox on the other […] More

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    Download High Quality iPhone X Ringtones

    iPhone X Ringtones Apple officially announced the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X smartphones of 2017 on September 12th. First the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus went into the stores, while the iPhone X was on sale this month. The device comes with the iOS 11 operating system installed. Apple’s new smartphones are acclaimed for […] More

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