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    How to Fix LG V30 Back Button

    Fix LG V30 Back Button New smartphones come with new problems. An issue you never saw in the previous models may appear in the new version. If this is hardware related, it’s even harder to fix it. The South Korean smartphone manufacturer LG’s flagship model V30 appears to bring a new back button issue to […] More

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    How to Use Pixel 2 Glance Widget on Your Android

    One of the most popular launchers in the Android world, Action Launcher has been updated once more and is now supporting Pixel 2’s “At a Glance” feature for all Android smartphones. Let’s learn more on Pixel 2 glance widget. Pixel 2 Glance Widget Google as always, is trying to implement unique and different features on […] More

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    How to Change LG V30 Display Size

    Android world is full of customizable features. This also applies to LG V30. There is just so many options to change and display size is one of them. Here’s how to change LG V30 display size easily. Change LG V30 Display Size There is no need for any third party program or application to scale […] More

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    How to Root LG Q6 and Install Stock ROM

    LG Q6 is the first mid-range smartphone to feature the newest FullVision bezel-less display. There is 32GB internal storage expandable up to 2TB which is pretty outstanding for today’s standards. So, how to root LG Q6 and install stock ROM? Root LG Q6 Downloads Download TWRP.img here. Download SuperSU.Zip here. Download ABD drivers here. Download Fastboot folder here. Preparation […] More

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    How to Install LG K4 Stock ROM

    First of all, you will need to download LGUP and LG Mobile Drive for PC from here, and here respectively. You can also find LG K4 stock ROM file here. Install LG K4 Stock ROM Before Starting As in every other stock ROM installation, your smartphone should be rooted. This includes LG K4. You can […] More

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    How to Install LG Q6 Stock ROM

    Install LG Q6 Stock ROM Links LG UP download LG USB drivers download LG Q6 Stock ROM download Preparation You will need to enable USB Debugging on your smartphone. Go to Settings -> About Phone and tap Build Number several times. This will activate Developer Options where you can enable USB Debugging. In order to install a stock […] More

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    Download Android LG USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

    Although modern versions of Windows and Mac operating systems automatically download and install drivers for most modern devices, sometimes it can get messy. In such cases, you may need to take control. Download Android LG USB Drivers There could be overlaps when different versions of drivers are installed. If there was a problem during the […] More

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    How to Install LG G4 Stock ROM

    Combining design and performance among LG’s G series smartphones, the LG G4 comes with rich color spectrum as well as the leather design used in the back cover. The phone hosts a 16MP camera featuring f/1.8. By following this guide, you can find out how to install LG G4 stock ROM. Install LG G4 Stock […] More

  • How to Unlock Bootloader in LG V20
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    How to Unlock Bootloader in LG V20

    LG‘s newest flagship V20 has a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor with 4 GB RAM and offers 32 or 64 storage options. This attractive smartphone comes with Android 7.0 operating system pre-installed. All of the Android Nougat’s features and LG’s latest applications are also available inside the V20. In this article, we will be talking about […] More

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    How to Factory Reset Your LG G4

    [dropcap type=”3″]F[/dropcap]actory Reset is one of the ways to make your smartphone feel and run like its first day. LG G4 for instance, is a great smartphone, however, just like any other Android phone out there, it can slow down over time or suffer from bugs and application problems. Reset LG G4 to Factory Settings […] More

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    LG V10 Pre-Orders Now Available From T-Mobile and AT&T

    LG V10 Pre-Orders Now Available From T-Mobile and AT&T [dropcap type=”3″]T[/dropcap]wo big smartphone retailer, AT&T and T-Mobile now taking-pre-orders for LG’s next flagship V10. The new Android smartphone featuring a ‘dual-screen’ display. The secondary display on LG V10 is all about quick access for menus, such as music player, camera, calendar, time, notifications, favorite contacts and […] More

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    Discover LG OLED TV with New webOS 2.0

    There is a renewed interest in televisions due to using of a recent new technology called OLED. That’s because every single pixel in a OLED TV is capable of producing its own light and color. Thus, OLED screens can achieve a higher contrast ratio than an LCD. As one of the biggest TV manufacturers in the world LG focuses […] More