How to Install MIUI 9 on Redmi Note 4

Install MIUI 9 on Redmi Note 4

Install MIUI 9 on Redmi Note 4

Method 1: Use the Updater Application

  • Go to the Tools folder on the smartphone and run the Updater application.
  • You will see here if there is an OTA update waiting for installation. You can use the Update button to start downloading. The installation process will start automatically when downloading is complete.
  • If you can not see the update here, download the MIUI 9 recovery ROM from the link bellow and transfer the ZIP file to the “downloaded_rom” folder on the device’s internal storage. If you do not have such a folder, manually create it yourself.


Install MIUI 9 on Redmi Note 4

  • Open the Updater and tap Choose update package after using “more options” button at the upper right corner.
  • Select the ROM file inside the “downloaded_rom” folder.
  • Wait for the application to install the ROM file, and then restart the device using the “Reboot” option. The update will be installed.

Method 2: Use the Stock Recovery

  • Download the recovery ROM from the links above and rename the file to “”.
  • Transfer the file to the main directory on your device’s internal storage.
  • Turn off the Redmi Note 4 and start it in recovery mode. You can boot the device in recovery mode using the “Reboot to Recovery” mode option in the Updater application.

  • Follow “Install to System” > “YES”.

  • Press “Reboot to System” and restart your device.

Method 3: Use Fastboot

  • Download the Fastboot ROM from the links above extract the file with .tgz extension.
  • Download and run Mi Flash software from your computer.
  • Turn off the smartphone. Press and hold down the power and volume down keys to run in fastboot mode.

Open “Fastboot ROM” folder and copy the file path from the address bar (below image).

Paste the address into the Mi Flash and press “refresh”.

  • Mi Flash should now recognize your smartphone. Press the “flash” button.
  • The “success” message will appear below the “result” section once the ROM is flashed. Your device will now restart.