How to Disable iCloud on iOS 11

Disable iCloud on iOS 11

Apple has changed the way iCloud was integrated to iOS with the latest iOS 11 update. In the previous versions, it was fairly easy to log in and log off iCloud. Things are a bit different now. So, how to disable iCloud on iOS 11?


In order to do that, go to Settings on your iOS 11 installed device and enter your profile in the next screen. Scroll down and you will find a switch for iCloud. Tap and disable it.

Some applications on your device may continue to use iCloud to store some information and data. To prevent that, make sure to disable iCloud Backup as well.

Disable iCloud on iOS 11

Prevent Apps From Accessing iCloud

Even though you disabled iCloud, applications may still continue to access iCloud. Applications like iMovie, and Pages store files in iCloud.

It is hard to list all the applications do this but you can always check an app if it is using iCloud. Most file managers and games do that.

Go to Settings and tap on an app to see if it is using iCloud. Make sure Upload to iCloud is not enabled.

iOS 11: iCloud'u Kapatma

This is all you need to know to disable iCloud on iOS 11. If you have anymore questions, leave a comment below.