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  • How to Change Hotspot Password on iOS

    Hotspot Password on iOS Hotspot access point allows iPhone users to share their mobile network with other devices and computers. Of course this network is protected by a password and you can change it anytime. So, how to change hotspot password on iOS? Steps Hotspot password is set automatically before you change it. However, they […] More

  • How to Fix MicroSD Card

    Fix MicroSD Card MicroSD creates a separate storage area other than the device’s internal storage once installed on a smartphone. You can transfer photos in your gallery, videos or applications on your smartphone to this unit to save some storage space. But what happens when your MicroSD stops working? Do you lose all your data […] More

  • How to Hide Website Images on iOS to Save Data

    Hide Website Images on iOS When you have a slow connection or your remaining mobile data is low, you can try to hide images while browsing to web and save some significant data. iOS offers data limitation option for each app but that’s not exactly fixing the issue. There is Mozilla Firefox on the other […] More

  • Download High Quality iPhone X Ringtones

    iPhone X Ringtones Apple officially announced the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X smartphones of 2017 on September 12th. First the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus went into the stores, while the iPhone X was on sale this month. The device comes with the iOS 11 operating system installed. Apple’s new smartphones are acclaimed for […] More

  • How to Fix LG V30 Back Button

    Fix LG V30 Back Button New smartphones come with new problems. An issue you never saw in the previous models may appear in the new version. If this is hardware related, it’s even harder to fix it. The South Korean smartphone manufacturer LG’s flagship model V30 appears to bring a new back button issue to […] More

  • Best Calculator Applications for iOS

    Calculator Applications for iOS Although Apple’s iOS has reached version 11th, it still offers a basic calculator. If your goal is to have a more advanced calculator there are many different options on the market. So, here are the best calculator applications for iOS. The Calculator The application supports both iPhone and iPad devices with […] More

  • There Are Two iPhone X: Which One Do You Have?

    Two iPhone X Apple’s 10th-generation iPhone X comes with a frameless design and Face ID scanning, but there are some little details on the back of the device. In fact, two separate Apple iPhone X models are sold. The main difference is the modem which establishes the GSM connectivity and it is produced by two […] More

  • Best Boomerang Alternatives for Android and iOS

    Best Boomerang Alternatives Boomerang by Instagram allows you to record looping snaps you can share. If you are looking for more apps like Boomerang, there are quite a few you can try. So, here are the best Boomerang alternatives for Android and iOS. VivaVideo One of the most powerful video editing applications on the market […] More

  • How to Disable iCloud on iOS 11

    Disable iCloud on iOS 11 Apple has changed the way iCloud was integrated to iOS with the latest iOS 11 update. In the previous versions, it was fairly easy to log in and log off iCloud. Things are a bit different now. So, how to disable iCloud on iOS 11? Steps In order to do […] More

  • How to Get Rid of Notch on iPhone X

    Get Rid of Notch on iPhone X One of the best looking smartphones ever produced to date, Apple has decided to go with frameless design on iPhone X. The company did that by removing the home button and placing the front camera on a very slim area at the top. However, this creates a ‘notch’ […] More

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